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More About Your Coach


I'm a faith-based coach, business owner, public speaker, and writer. I graduated with a BA from Binghamton University and have over 200 hours of coach-specific training.

My first venture after college was a successful sales career for major corporations and small businesses.

A focus on planning, execution, learning, and accountability created exceptional outcomes for my customers.

Developing skills for communication competence enables me to be an enthusiastic and resourceful leader dedicated to team excellence.

​After a couple of life-changing events, I eventually transitioned into Professional Athletic Training.

The Practice specialized in postural movement, core performance, and injury rehabilitation using weights, kettlebells, and cardiovascular implementation.

For the past 15 years, I've supported clients through Life Transformation Coaching, emphasizing awareness of a person's identity, values, and beliefs. 

This strategy establishes a consistent, disciplined approach to personal and professional development.

The legacy for those I serve is the fulfillment of their potential for exceptional significance in life.

I also speak at organizations about the lessons learned from Health & Leadership Coaching, as well as my recovery from enduring open-heart, kidney, and septic shock surgeries.

I'm devoted to prepare you to face your challenges with courage, resilience, and confidence.

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